Omega Loudspeaker Systems

Max HempMax Hemp

The Maxhemp (Maximum response system) uses an 8 dual cone (MQ8Lbomega) Proprietary Omega Hemp Cone full-range driver that is made for Omega Speaker Systems. These drivers incorporate a very light cone and very strong motor to produce high sensitivity, speed, transparency, and excellent detail with amazing low-level resolution. A new proprietary whizzer cone has been developed to insure the smoothest midrange and wide dispersion. The Maxhemp is a perfect point source and is phase correct. Imaging and soundstage reproduction are exceptional.

The wide baffle construction improves midrange smoothness and tonality in the critical mid-range. The Maxhemp interacts with the room to extend the bass output and optional mass loaded pedestals allows for even better sound staging, resolution, and transparency. The Maxhemp incorporates custom Omega vibration damping techniques that include:

  • The Omega re-bond dampening, mass-loaded pedestal, R compound, and a triple layer semi floating baffle and back;
  • Fast and accurate bass and tonal balance. No corner or close to wall placements needed

Available in a variety of finishes.

Product specifications

Type Ported Single Driver
Driver Full range 8 Omega MQ8LBomega Hempcone with accordion surround, cast alloy chassis
Cabling Asymmetrical CCC copper
Terminals Standard Vampire multiway binding posts
Cabinet Heavily braced softwood MDF, Baltic Birch and Phenolic and
adhered with polyurethane glues. R compound lining of interior.
Sensitivity 96dB at 8 ohms
Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency Response 35-18KHz in room
Dimensions 31 H x 15W x 10.5D
Weight 42 pounds each
Power Requirement as little as 1.5 watts
Cross-over None
Warranty 10 year parts and labor for workmanship and defects